Featured Project- Cats by Isha

Featured Project- Cats by Isha

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Love the AR photos for the I am a Young Zoologist programme



Generally, tigers are the largest cats in the world. They are endemic to parts of Asia. Classified as endangered.

Habitat: rain forest

Spots/Pattern/Colour: orange and black stripes 

Endangered: yes 

Food: moose, deer, cattle, horse, goat 

Known as: large cat



The cheetah is the world's fastest land animal, for short bursts of speed. It is most commonly known as being native to Africa, though there is a critically endangered population Iran, a subspecies which once had a much larger range that included India.

Habitat: savanna

Spots/Pattern/Colour: tan with black spots 

Endangered: yes

Food: antelopes, calves

Known as: fast cat



Endemic to the Americas. Also known as the cougar, panther, mountain lion or catamount. They are considered to be more closely related to the cheetah than to any of other big cats. Generally, it is not considered to be endangered.

Habitat: mountain

Spots/Pattern/Colour: dark brown 

Endangered: no

Food: deer, raccoon, rabbit, rodent 

Known as: mountain lion cat

Life Size

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