Featured project - extinct animals by Lindain Rodrik

Featured project - extinct animals by Lindain Rodrik

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Well researched writeup on extinct animals as part of the I am a Young Zoologist Badge programme

Extint animals of north America

Today I learned about extinct animals of North America:

1. Western Camel - they are now extinct due to a combination of the ice age and human arrivals

2. Hagerman Horse - also called as the hagerman zebra or the American zebra, it was one of the oldest horses of the genus Equus and it was discovered in 1928 in Hagerman, Idaho. During the geological period of 12,000 to 2.5 million years ago, there was a global cooling event that extinct most of the living mammals.

The Hagerman Horse Fossil:

Hagerman horse fossil

3. Dire Wolf - they went extinct 10.000 years ago because of climate change and human impact, they were too food-stressed to survive.

Dire Wolf Fossil

We can help preserve our animals friends by not littering and restrictions of illegal animal hunting.