I am a Young Mixed Reality Creator

I am a Young Mixed Reality Creator

by Singapore Science Centre SSCG -
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Mixed reality enables us to add new things to our reality to make it more interesting. Science Centre Singapore and Caltex Singapore bring you the award-winning Caltex Fuel Your School - Tech Jam programme which enables you to be creators of technology. Challenge yourself to use physical and technological design elements to create an AR experience for online submission.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are emerging technological trends in recent years. As the name suggests, they could be worlds that are constructed virtually or a mix of both virtual and reality. It has many potential applications to enhance our lives. Learn their similarities, differences, and how they are employed in today’s context. At the same time, create some content yourselves!

What you will learn

Awards and Certifications

Participants who complete the course with a grade of 15 and up will

Participants who complete the programme, as well as the special project, will

Participants with outstanding and featured submissions will additionally receive