Featured project - Flightless birds by Flores Dylan

Featured project - Flightless birds by Flores Dylan

by Singapore Science Centre SSCG -
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Lovely cartoons for the I am a young Zoologist badge programme!

1. EMU

The emu is a flightless bird that has small wings compared to the size of its body. Its long, powerful legs, though, allow it to run up to about 50 kilometers per hour.


Cassowary has a casque which is also called a helmet. Nobody knows for sure what it is for. It could indicate a bird’s age or dominance, or be used as protection for the bird's head as it run through the forest.


The ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird. Its long, thick, and powerful legs can cover long distances easily.


Penguins cannot fly, but their flippers, webbed feet and their shape makes them expert swimmers. They swim really fast, and when they want to go faster, they can porpoise, or leap out of the water as they swim.